• Acres of Green

    Feb 26 2013

    Did you know that Green Acres Animal Hospital is not just a pretty name?  We are located just east of 43rd Street in Lethbridge, on a large lot which means we…

  • February is Dental Health Month

    Jan 29 2013

    One of the most common health issues we veterinarians see in your pets is periodontal disease – inflammation, infection and decay of the teeth and surrounding oral tissues.  It has…

  • An Easy Solution to a Sticky Situation

    Jan 22 2013

    I’d like to extend a Happy New Year greeting to you and yours from all of us at Green Acres Animal Hospital.   I have a New Year’s gift for you. …

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    Safety for Pets Around Holiday Decorations (aka “He ate what??”)

    Jan 15 2013

    I’d like to start this month’s article by telling you all about a couple of dogs named Bob.  Bob The First was a client’s animal, a young weimeraner who presented…