• Green Acres Puppy Kindergarten

    Dec 09 2014

    This fall Green Acres held it’s first Puppy Kindergarten Classes.  The main objective was to socialize the puppies (with other puppies and with adult dogs), to give the owners the…

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    Unexpected Household Dangers

    Sep 23 2014

    We, as pet owners, like to keep our pets as safe as possible.  We all are pretty aware of the obvious dangers – keep the pets away from the chemicals…

  • Dental Care FAQs

    May 21 2014

    Why must my pet undergo anaesthesia to have his teeth cleaned?  Can’t the groomer just scrape the tartar off of his teeth? Plaque is a transparent, adhesive fluid that will…

  • Rabies Warning in Southern Alberta

    Sep 03 2013

    On August 27, 2013 a bat was found in Lethbridge that has tested positive for Rabies.  Rabies is a serious disease that is transferable among all mammals – this means…

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    Eukanuba/Iams Recall

    Aug 15 2013

    On Wednesday, August 14, 2014, Eukanuba and Iams released some foods that are being voluntarily recalled.  If you serve this brand to your pet please go to their website to…

  • Mouse Poison

    May 07 2013

    Spring time brings spring cleaning. As you are cleaning out your sheds and boats, keep an eye out for any mouse poison you may have put out in the fall.…

  • Creepy Crawlers

    Apr 16 2013

    Ticks who have been dormant throughout the winter will start moving again in the spring looking for a host, which could be you or your pet! What do you do…

  • To Pee or Not to Pee?

    Apr 16 2013

    Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, or FLUTD, is a common malady that can be a serious, frustrating, and sometimes expensive problem for cats and their owners.  FLUTD is inflammation of…

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    Spring Has Sprung

    Mar 19 2013

    Lyme Disease

  • Dog Park Safety

    Mar 18 2013

    Spring is nearly here, and pet owners and their dogs are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to spend more time outside together.  During this time of year, the dog parks tend…